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Dudhsagar waterfall trip


Dudhsagar Falls offers breathtaking natural beauty to soothe the eyes. The name Dudhsagar Falls is derived from a folklore. Its milky colour gave rise to its name. It appears to be milk raining from the sky. One of nature’s most stunning and strategically located falls is this one. The milky, off-white water falls from a height of around 310 miles, and it resembles nothing less than God showering his children with milk as an expression of his love.

It is a must-see location in Goa and is located in the Western Ghats, close to the Mollem and Bhagwan Mahaveer National Parks. You must reserve a jeep safari, which is within your means, to treat yourself to this visual delight. The cost is 500 per person, and the car can fit a maximum of 7 people. If your luck is on your side, you might encounter a few critters like snakes and even birds while driving through the jungle in a bumpy jeep.

After arriving, you can unwind on the waterside with juice and drinks. While wearing a life jacket, you can also dive into the ocean. According to government regulations, it is required. It will undoubtedly rank among your best experiences.


Trip Highlights

  • Old Goa church visit
  • Spice plantation Tour
  • Jeep safari
  • Dudhasagar Fall



  • Pick-up and Drop
  • Ac Bus transportation
  • Jeep safari Fees
  • Forest entry and life jacket fees
  • tour guide
  • spice plantation tour
  • buffet lunch at spice plantation
  • old goa church visit(subjected to time)


  • Forest department charges additional fees for cameras or other pieces of equipment
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