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Water Sports in Goa

Water Sports in Goa

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A five-in-one watersports combo is included in the Goa watersports package. Jet ski, banana, bumper, speedboat, and parasailing are all available in Goa.

Banana ride

One of the popular fun activities in Goa’s watersports is the banana ride. A banana boat is a towable, air-filled pleasure boat. Typical banana boats accommodate three to ten riders, who sit on the bigger main tube and rest their feet on the two laterally surrounding tubes that stabilise the boat. Frequently yellow and shaped like a banana, the main tube. You get dragged into the water by a banana boat that is tangled with a speedboat or jet ski. Once the speedboat picks up speed and begins to cross the sea, settled adventurers are thrown away.

Jet Ski Tour

One of the numerous pleasant activities available at Watersports in Goa, Candolim Beach, Goa, is riding a jet ski. A Jet ski may be driven by two people at once.

For up to 2 riders weighing a combined maximum of 400 lbs, each Jet Ski offers a steady and comfortable ride. The safety equipment for wave candidates consists of a fire extinguisher, a whistle, life jackets that are required, and lanyards (kill cords) The kill cords are always worn around the driver’s wrist, preventing the jet ski from turning off until the driver gets back on. For children as young as 30 lbs. and adults up to 300 lbs., life jackets are available. Every passenger has a life jacket on.

Bumper ride

Bumper rides are for individuals who enjoy a little bit more speed and adventure than the center’s fast and furious You should choose the bumper tube ride because it can accommodate two to three people.

There are numerous options for family and friends here. Hold on on because you will be bouncing and getting some air as the captain manoeuvres the bumper tube over the furious wave wakes while you are being towed through the water. When you can no longer hang on, the finest part of the ride is rolling into the cool water.

Speed boat ride

In Goa, there is a particular kind of bumper ride called a “sleeping bumper ride,” where you must lean against the bumper with a handle while being transported at high speed by boat. Going on a sleeping bumper ride in Goa is an exhilarating experience.


One of the most fun activities you may do on this trip is parasailing at Watersports in Goa, Deobaug. In parasailing, a person is pulled behind a boat while fastened to an extremely safe canopy wing. You are fastened to the parasail by the harness, which is attached to the boat via the tow rope. After then, the car leaves, sending the person into the air. Two persons can simultaneously parasail behind the boats thanks to their strength. If you’d like, you can parasail by yourself or with your particular someone to share this incredible and enthralling experience. From the peak, you can view stunning vistas The activity, which should not be confused with the sport of paragliding, is largely a fun ride.



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  • Banana Ride
  • Speed Boat
  • Parasailing – From October to April


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